Reawaken your primal instinct to reach true excellence

BLAZEPOD triggers your body’s natural response to sensory stimulation, enabling superior, fast, and coordinated movement.
Tap-sensitive pods powered by the BLAZEPOD app provide visual cues, creating the ultimate Flash Reflex training system. BLAZEPOD motivates you to react faster, push your limits and boost your performance. Activate a predefined activity or create your own. Challenge yourself or compete against others. Track data in real-time to improve fitness, technique and tactics.
For the first time in cognitive and physical training history, your personal mobile can easily connect and control multiple devices using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Simply download the user-friendly app from Google Play or the App Store, and take control of your Pods. Choose from predefined activities or create your own, from one of BlazePods many light logics, and track your performance down to the millisecond. BLAZEPOD is motivating athletes and clients in many fields. Physical education teachers are able to motivate through competitive activities. Sports coaches are elevating their athletes’ speed, reactions and spatial awareness, creating faster, more precise decision making. Physios are able to motivate their clients at all levels of rehabilitation, through controlled, progressive activities and testing. Neurologist’s have the perfect tool for aiding neurological deficiencies, working on peripheral vision, concentration and selective reactions through focus logic activities… and of course, the fitness world, which is truly embracing BLAZEPOD into daily workout sessions for all levels and ages, both indoors and out.

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