Addiction to Smartphones is cited as one of the reasons behind Adults and Children not exercising enough, resulting in serious physical and mental health issues that lead to millions of preventable deaths globally each year.

Rocket Impact believe that the accessible nature of Smartphones (nearly 3 billion worldwide) means that it can actually be used as a powerful engagement tool to encourage people to exercise more. Our vision is to use the power of gaming to motivate people from all ages and backgrounds, in leading active lifestyles via fun, visually engaging and social games.

Our first product, Afitar®, is a free-to-play mobile fitness game, which combines elements from fitness running apps with an action puzzle game.

The app focuses on visuals, rather than textual statistics, to engage and encourage the casual audience. The user is represented by a personalised fitness avatar whose appearance automatically changes to reflect their real life exercise activity. If the user walks a lot, they can become a superhero, otherwise they may turn into a couch potato, zombie or worse!

The core concept involves walking in real life to get the Afitar® stronger in the puzzle game, where you have to save the world from an invasion of cute aliens! As the aliens get tougher, you’ll need to exercise more to improve your chances of progressing. Adding family and friends also makes your team stronger.

Feedback is extremely positive with users stating that the fun innovative nature of the game is encouraging them to walk more!

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