Adrenal Function Profile

The adrenal glands are crucial to human health and well-being. For athletes, it’s essential they function optimally to enable them to sustain the quantity and intensity of workload that their bodies endure.

Severe overtraining across extended time periods can lead to Overtraining Syndrome and subsequent adrenal depletion, where the adrenals aren’t able to maintain proper hormonal levels. Stress-induced cortisol dysfunction can result in bone and muscle breakdown, as well as fatigue, thus hindering post-exercise recovery. This would potentially make athletes more susceptible to injury and illness, thus jeopardising their fitness and performance gains.

The CNS Adrenal Function Profile uses a convenient salivary sample collection method, taken at 5 intervals throughout the day, enabling a more precise measurement of an individual’s 24-hour cyclic cortisol levels and accurately pinpoints the vital cortisol surge. This test also includes morning and afternoon DHEA measurements, to enable the identification of the significant Cortisol/DHEA ratio.

This Product is from Cambridge Nutritional Sciences

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