Activinsights Band

Activinsights delivers patient lifestyle insights to healthcare professionals using validated wearables within a digital infrastructure.

The Activinsights Band, a professional wrist-worn wearable providing instant lifestyle analytics with a 1-year battery life has benefited a UK secondary care integrated rehabilitation team (IRT). The technology was evaluated for its adherence within an older population (65+), most of whom rely on a walking aid for mobility and either have fallen or were at high risk of falls. Participants wore the Activinsights Band for 8 weeks continuously to objectively monitor patient lifestyle behaviours (activity and sleep), in comparison to the traditional subjective diaries. Participants gained weekly personalised lifestyle reports, and at the mid-point (4 weeks), received an individual and group report showing their projected activity and sleep over the course duration to visualise whether participants were on track with achieving their rehabilitation goal of achieving 50 hours OTAGO exercises over 8 weeks at home.

The wearable technology was well adhered to and the participant experience was overwhelmingly positive. Patients increased their level of activity and maintained this throughout the Balance and Safety Group intervention, and there was a reduced incidence of falls. The Activinsights Band provided a more comprehensive overview of the patient’s activity. It reflected time exercising but also the activity versus sedentary time during the day and sleep patterns. It showed overall activity undertaken and lifestyle behaviour patterns. It can be used to help target appropriate participants for group or 1:1 session and part of the overall strategy to reduce falls.

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