Active School Planner

A free, universally available web-based tool to help schools create an inclusive, whole school active ethos.

Developed and hosted by the Youth Sport Trust with funding from the Department of Health


  • Translates research evidence and government policy into an easy-to-use tool for teachers
  • Designed for primary school use, but can be utilised by secondary schools
  • Creates striking visual ‘heatmaps’ of children’s activity levels across the school week and suggests action plans for improvements based on user input
  • For instance, the heatmap may show that ‘travel to school’ is a time slot with a low level of activity for most children, in which case the tool will suggest actions such as facilitating travel to school by bike, introducing a ‘walking bus’, etc.
  • Provides the flexibility for schools to use it in as much detail as they like – at whole school level, or focused on a specific cohort
  • In some schools the Head, or an administrator, is the only user; in others, all teachers have an account and are tasked with creating a heatmap for their own class.
  • Heatmaps and action plans can be shared with parents and other stakeholders to show the school’s commitment and steps they are taking
  • Helps to kickstart an increase in daily activity and reduction in sitting time at the school’s own pace
  • Integrated into the School Games Mark award and can be used as evidence for Primary School PE and Sport Premium spending.
  • Now used by over 9000 primary schools in the UK

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