Shelley Austin

Regional Manager

The Gym Group

Having had a 20 year love affair with the fitness sector, 3 marathons, 3 children and a number of tattoos later, I am still as passionate and excited about the work I do.

Having the fortune of working various roles within operations and supply, I have a wealth of experience to draw upon. My newest role within TGG is Regional Manager across London, Herts, Beds and Bucks. I thrive on challenge and often take myself outside of comfort to ensure self-development is achieved. I love to support, motivate and deliver great outcomes, with the ultimate goal to draw out the best version of every team member and member. I am just finishing a Masters in Senior Leadership, which has been my latest qualification and self-development goal.

I am a regular and keen netball player and coach.. I love to run and functional/strength training are my favourite painful pass times. I love to read, listen to great podcasts and generally aim to make the most of every day, life is, after all, a precious gift. I feel hugely blessed to be in a sector, organisation and role, where I can truly make a difference.

Shelley Austin will be speaking at the following sessions.

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