Keri-Anne Payne

Ex Olympic Swimmer & Co-Founder

Straight Line Swimming

Keri-anne is a triple Olympian, competing in Rio, London and Beijing where she won a silver medal in the inaugural 10km Marathon swim. Keri-anne also won two World Championship titles for the same event. Since retiring from competitive swimming in 2017, Keri-anne has set up two businesses. Triscape is a swimming coaching and swim retreat business aimed at helping anyone take on their next swimming challenge and Straight Line Swimming which focusing on empowering the world to swim outdoors by qualifying and supporting open water coaches through the STA Level 2 open water coaching qualification. Keri-anne has qualified over 400 coaches so far with about 80% being female. This has led her to look more into all coaching qualifications and how to create the right environment and knowledge to attract more women to the amazing world of coaching.

Keri-Anne Payne will be speaking at the following sessions.

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