Julian Baker

Bowen teacher and therapist

European College of Bowen Studies
JULIAN BAKER is the Director and Principal Instructor of the European College of Bowen Studies. He is one of the world's most experienced practitioners and teacher of The Bowen Technique and is the author of two books on The Bowen Technique. Originally from London, Julian undertook training in The Bowen Technique when he was living in Australia. Initially training in reflexology, he undertook Bowen training after being impressed by a very successful treatment for an acute neck injury. Returning to Britain in 1992, he ran a busy clinic but soon began teaching the technique full time in response to the tremendous demand for training. As a result of his devotion and boundless energy, he has been responsible for the rapid growth of the technique in the UK and Europe. His teaching is packed with information and humour, as well as giving solid practical skills. Julian also teaches hands-on dissection classes with Functional Fascia for physical and movement therapists and is a world-wide expert on fascia.
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