Hilary Farmiloe

Strategic Lead for EmployAbility Leisure


Hilary is the Strategic Lead for EmployAbility Leisure at Aspire, an initiative to create more accessible and inclusive training and workplaces for disabled people in the leisure sector. Previously, Hilary managed the InstructAbility programme at Aspire that helped hundreds of disabled people gain training and work in the sector. During this time Hilary worked with Professor Brett Smith and Dr Juliette Stebbings to undertake a research with disabled people, training providers and employers to produce a set of evidence-based Guides for the industry based on the insight gained. Hilary formed an EmployAbility strategic group which includes representatives from Activity Alliance, CIMSPA, Community Leisure UK, Sport England, ukactive and UKCoaching as well as a team of disabled people and researchers.

Hilary Farmiloe will be speaking at the following sessions.

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