Dr Nigel Abraham

Scientific & Laboratory Director

Omega Diagnostics

Lead Researcher for Omega Diagnostics in Food Allergy & Intolerance. A state registered developmental Biomedical Scientist, specialising in immunology and functional medicine. Trained originally in pathology at St. Georges Medical School, London and went on to study Immunology at the University of Surrey.

Qualified for FIBMS in Haematology, MSc in Immunology for disease control and PhD in Cellular allergy & allergic mediators. A specialist in allergy and food intolerance and has been involved in extensive post doctorial research in the field of chemical mediators of allergic disease and IgG mediated inflammatory mechanisms. A Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Science and a chartered scientist. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

A lecturer at several universities as well as regularly holding seminars and presentations as part of the continuing professional development for practitioners. Has been involved in many research projects and have published a number of scientific papers.

Specialties: One of the most experienced and well-known Functional Medicine professionals in the UK.
Lecturer in Allergy & Food Intolerance, Salivary Hormones, Digestive Pathology, and the microbiome.

Dr Nigel Abraham will be speaking at the following sessions.

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