The future of functional fitness

Wednesday 15th June 11:40 - 12:20

Future Performance & Wellbeing

The future of functional fitness is an evolution into functional movement. We see this already in the explosion of more complex movement practices like parkour happening all over the world and being adopted slowly by the mainstream fitness world. Organisms are not machines, and the era of training them like machines will give way to an age of treating them like organisms, leading to longer healthspans, fewer injuries and even greater potential.


Dan Edwardes


Parkour Generations

Dan is a founding member and CEO of Parkour Generations, the multi-award winning international professional organisation for the dynamic movement discipline of parkour.

Dan has studied practical movement and physical fitness his entire life, with an elite background in fighting arts before he discovered parkour in 2002. In addition to establishing the world’s largest professional organisation for the discipline, Parkour Generations, and the world’s first recognised National Governing Body, Parkour UK, Dan also created the A.D.A.P.T® parkour coaching certifications, which are now the globally recognised coach education for parkour practitioners having been delivered in more than 30 countries, as well as the groundbreaking Parkour Programs® and Parkour Fitness®, now the recognised certifications for fitness professionals to access parkour movement and fitness knowledge, and the Parkour For Schools Programme.

His programmes have been accredited by ACE, NASM, AFAA, YMCA Awards, 1st4Sports, FIT and more, as well as being the centrepiece for events such as IDEAFIT and Paleof(X) in the USA, Fitpro Live, World Power Show and Leisure Industry Week in the UK, Asian Fitness Convention, Barefoot Training Summit, IFEX and more.

His articles have been featured in publications ranging from The Telegraph and The Times to Men’s Fitness, GQ and Timeout, and he has appeared across numerous world-leading podcasts such as FatBurning Man, Barbell Shrugged, SpartanUP and more, and presented at hundreds of conferences, summits, expos and events.

Dan travels extensively helping others learn how to coach and to move, and regularly gives keynotes, presentations and seminars around the world with a particular interest in encouraging a holistic approach to living and training through integrated paradigms that engender flow and mindfulness and encourage positive engagement with fear and risk to understand and improve the self.

Jacob Tilly



Co-Founder of the HYROX race concept and head of HYROX DACH. Jacob took his 20+ years of experience in sports and fitness and was part of the team which founded HYROX, The World Series of Fitness Racing, which operates fitness races across Europe & the USA with attendance of up to 4,000+ athletes per event.

Maarten Hermans

Marketing & Sales Manager

Ultimate Instability

Maarten Hermans grew up in the Netherlands, a country without white water. Yet this did not stop him from living his Olympic dream as a white water slalom kayaker. His strength coach Paul Venner (Founder of Ultimateinstability) introduced him to the contextual coordinative training with the Aquabags and Aquaballs. This more holistic and functional way of strength training allowed Maarten to have a better transfer of strength and to gain that extra edge over the competition.

After the Olympic Games 2016, Maarten could not understand why this method and products were not known to more people and he decided to help his former strength coach by taking on the position of Head of Marketing and Sales. Just over an Olympic cycle further, the Aquabags, Aquaballs are indispensable worldwide within rehab and strength & conditioning field.

We are now proud to have happy customers around the whole globe, from rehab to performance, with many world class athletes and movement professionals. The many rehab success stories and Olympic & World Champion medallists are our greatest trophy.