Speed & Power Training - Its role in the general population

Wednesday 15th June 14:00 - 15:00

Third Space Academy

Jordan Lue (Third Space Educator), Lloyd Anthony (Elite PT) and Chris Tombs discuss why if you are neglecting speed and power training with your gen pop clients you are really missing out. They will be discussing just how crucial speed and power is for health and longevity.


Jordan Lue

Elite Personal Trainer

Third Space

Jordan is an Educator and Elite Personal Trainer at Third Space. He has been a Personal Trainer & strength coach for 11+ years, graduating from St. Mary's University London. In his time as a coach, he has been developing his ability to share complex training principles & research in a simple/digestible way to both the everyday client & elite athletes.

Lloyd Anthony

Elite Personal Trainer

Third Space


Chris Tombs

Performance Specialist


Having worked across the fitness and elite sport sector for nearly 30 years, Chris brings a wealth of experience that crosses leadership, performance solutions, technology and coach education. Current roles include, working for performance brand PLAE, and consulting across the sports technology sector and the deployment of digital S&C as head coach of the SW7 Academy.