Measure fitness, infection, inflammation, fatigue, depression and even anxiety from a single drop of blood with ABEL®sport

Wednesday 15th June 14:20 - 14:50

Future Performance & Wellbeing

The ABEL®sport finger prick blood test is a management tool. It was originally designed to prevent overtraining but actually does a lot more. It can measure fitness, infection, inflammation, fatigue, depression and even anxiety.

The ABEL®-sport test uses circulating white blood cells from a drop of blood as sentinels to inform us of what is going on in the body.

Our immune system is our body's first line of response to infection and trauma. White blood cells (WBCs) are the cells of the immune system. They have receptors to detect everything that is going on, either directly by interacting with bacteria, viruses and fungi or indirectly by responding to chemicals released into the blood from muscles undergoing extreme activity. Fatigue correlates to a depressed white blood cell response in the test. And because the immune system is intimately linked to our endocrine system, which produces our various hormones, it is not surprising that we can monitor depression, grief and anxiety by the way these WBCs respond in the test, perhaps as a result of interaction with hormones. The WBC knows you are sick before you do. The ABELsport test finds out what these cells know.


Dr Jan Knight


Knight Scientific

Jan’s career in interdisciplinary science spans man years. Her research has involved: bioluminescence, inflammatory diseases, free radicals, cardiovascular diseases, biocompatibility of medical devices, antioxidants and diet, measuring antioxidant activity, monitoring the health and performance of elite athletes and in developing methods for use in such research.

She co-founded Knight Scientific Ltd (KSL) to exploit the potential of the bioluminescent protein Pholasin® an exquisitely sensitive detector of free radicals and other reactive oxygen species, unique to KSL. Under her leadership as Managing Director, KSL develops, manufactures and markets a number of analytical and diagnostic research kits, carries out contract testing and research and has come to be recognized as a world leader in products for free radical research. ABEL® (Analysis By Emitted Light) kits are all based on Pholasin® and are used in research into oxidative stress which embraces applications into over 150 free radical-mediated diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. ABEL® kits are also now routinely used for QC of products and for monitoring the well-being of people, especially elite athletes.

Jan has been an invited speaker at international conferences and has given seminars and practical workshops at pharmaceutical and medical device companies, the Olympic Medical Institute, and at the National Measurement Institute of Australia. She gave a lecture at the British Association of Sports Exercise Medicine (BASEM) conference and presented two papers at the Isokinetic and FIFA, Football Medicine Conferences.

She won five SMART awards for KSL; led a consortium under the DTI’s Wealth from the Oceans programme; led a prestigious Health Technology Devices collaborative project is a member of an Horizon 2020 five partner consortium. She collaborates with scientists and clinicians in many universities and hospitals in the UK and abroad, is a visiting fellow at Plymouth Marjon University and is an inventor of a number of patents. In 1999 she became a lifetime Millennium Fellow.