Ingredients to create the ultimate member journey

Wednesday 15th June 14:20 - 14:50

The Business of Physical Activity

A look at the ideal member journey from Recruitment & Induction of members to key touch points through the membership.

Sharing what we have found to work over the last twelve years of working in this area in clubs around the world. Without an Understanding of Your Touchpoints, You Cannot Improve Customer Experience

It’s no secret that the ways customers interact and gather information about your company is changing. Businesses buyers or consumers demand more and get it from more places than ever. Even so, many companies don’t have a clear picture of all the ways they touch their customers, much less the ways that others do so on their behalf. Yet touchpoints are the front line when it comes to delivering customer experience.

We compare the gym users’ journey to the four stages of learning people go through when they are going through a process to change their behaviour, we all go through this in many aspects of our life and education.


Jon Nasta


Retention Solutions Ltd

A wealth of experience in the health and fitness industry from both a supplier and operators’ perspective. Noted expertise in member engagement and retention Jon has held positions such as COO of Retention Management, Sales Director of Matrix Fitness and Marketing Director for Xercise4Less as well as regularly consulting to some of the fitness industry's best known club chains on both sides of the Atlantic. His Retain™ Model is used by hundreds of health clubs, gyms, studios, and fitness centres around the world.

Amnesty Coldwell

Head of Strategic Sales and Marketing

Blue Zinc

With experience in the fitness and wellness industry, I've worked with some of the largest fitness and physio brands in the UK and Europe, working with them to provide the technical tools they needed to obtain and more importantly retain clients, seeing which retention practices worked best, before and during the pandemic. Currently heading up the project for our new software for mental health practitioners, we're looking to take some of those practices and help osteo and mental health professionals give the best care in their practices with simple but effective digital tools.

Sohail Rashid

Founder & CEO

Brawn Power

Sohail Rashid is the Founder and CEO of Brawn Power, a tool designed to help gyms engage with their members that enjoy strength training. Brawn have identified a gap in the market and provide a connected experience for strength training.

Their solution, Brawn inGym, helps gym owners improve retention by making lifting in the gym more accessible, meaningful and engaging.

Sohail founded Brawn following his own experiences and frustrations as a former strength athlete. Combining his background of over 12 years in building retention and technology solutions for the property market with his personal experience when strength training has allowed Brawn to develop quickly as they work closely with some of the UK's leading gyms.