United Kingdom - June 2024

United Kingdom - June 2024

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Middle East - Coming Soon

Middle East - Coming Soon

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India - February 2025

India - February 2025

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay-Beale, Event Director

Future trends in fitness and health sectors

Wednesday 12th June 12:40 - 13:40


As a species we are very bad at adopting simple behaviours that are proven to lengthen life span in a healthy way. What future nudges will change that?

Improving the health of the nation needs to be a collective effort. It will involve communities, organisations, individuals, businesses, and politicians. David Minton steers representatives from all these sectors, each with strong views on how change can happen, in a discussion on what comes next for fitness and wellness.

We want you to leave this session with an understanding of the strengths of community, an appreciation of the investment in new facilities, an awareness of green technologies, and insights into statistical improvements in the workforce. Plus… the knowledge that self-selecting congregations are on a par with the avoidance of major health risks. 


David Minton

Founder and Director

Leisure DB

After three decades David is well known for his unique fitness industry knowledge. Providing media commentary, articles, along with public speaking to spark debate within and create support for the sector at large. David and his team are recognised as the go-to for market trends, data and insight built from the annual National Fitness Audit. Passionate about Active Ageing and Climate Change David is at the forefront of new thinking on these subjects along with the new Collective Knowledge for the industry.

Sarah Watts


Alliance Leisure Ltd

Sarah Watts is Chief Executive of Alliance Leisure, the award-winning leisure development company which has developed over 250 leisure facilities since Sarah founded the company in 1999 representing an investment value of more than £370m in leisure infrastructure.

Sarah’s continued ambition is to develop high quality public leisure that contributes to social and health benefits in local communities. Also appointed as chair of the ukactive Suppliers’ Council, Sarah supports the sector to thrive and plays a tangible role in encouraging growth, confidence and investment in the industry.

Glen Thurgood



Glen Thurgood is an Author, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Huumans.io, a new digital wellbeing platform that puts data-led wellbeing conversations and interventions at the heart of an organisation's Wellbeing approach.

His mission is clear: to enhance the workplace health, wellness and productivity of individuals and organisations.

Drawing from his background as an athlete and athletic performance coach in professional sports, Glen brings over 25 years of expertise in the wellness, fitness, and professional sports industry. His extensive experience and drive enables him to lead organisations in the design and delivery of effective, engaging programs, and solutions for diverse clients and audiences.

Following nine books, with over 2 million sales worldwide, Glen has contributed to scientific papers and research and holds an MSc in Strength and Conditioning.

His passion for sharing insights and empowering others shines through his speaking engagements, writing endeavours, and coaching initiatives.

Glen envisions a world where everyone can become 1% better Huumans.

Join the journey at www.huumans.io and discover how Glen and the Huumans team are reshaping the landscape of wellness and business through their mission and commitment to transformative change.

We are on a journey for everyone to become 1% better Huumans.

Find out how at www.huumans.io

Will Flint



"Male innovator of the Year”, Will Flint, is the Founder and CEO of Energym, where he's leading the charge, and rebellion, against climate change. Recently awarded “Tech Startup of the Year”, Energym is a precision-engineering, tech-for-good scale-up based in Birmingham, UK, that has developed highly efficient, patented systems and equipment that efficiently captures the energy from peoples’ exercise, converting it into clean, green (and free) sustainable energy. As a self-titled “tech-geek” with an early career in the energy efficiency industry and a love for fitness (with a Bodybuilding Pro Card) - Will has built a business that delivers products and solutions that combine all the things he is passionate about. One that’s empowering the fitness industry to create a better future for our planet.

Find out how Energym is turning Human Power: On - www.energym.io

Andy Reed


Sports Think Tank

Andy Reed is the retired owner and Director of SajeImpact the Sports Think Tank and Loughborough University Institute for Sport Business.

Formerly the MP for Loughborough between 1997-2010, Andy has a strong association with Sport Policy having served as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Sports Ministers and an adviser to various Ministers and Sports bodies during his time in Westminster.

After leaving parliament in 2010 he maintained his passion for sport. He was appointed Chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance from 2010 to 2016 – the umbrella body for the 320 National governing bodies and associations of sport and after a spell on the Board until 2018 he is now a Vice-President. He led on sport policy and the Health agenda for the Alliance. He was awarded the Arthur Bell Trophy by the SRA for services to community sport. Prince Philip had wo it the year before and Lord Seb Coe won it the year after!

Kate Corfield

Head of Fitness Development

Ministry of Sound

With a strong background in the fitness and wellbeing industry, Kate's known for her strategic thinking, innovative problem-solving, and success in areas such as business development, event production, partnership collaborations, operational leadership, project management, and concept creation. Kate's commitment to learning, staying ahead of the industry curve, and professional growth has allowed her to excel in her career and make a positive impact with her work.

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