United Kingdom - June 2024

United Kingdom - June 2024

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Middle East - Coming Soon

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India - February 2025

India - February 2025

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Evolutionary gym design: crafting spaces for the modern fitness customer

Thursday 13th June 11:55 - 12:35


Join us for a forward-thinking exploration into the future of gym design, as we dissect the evolving needs and expectations of customers in 2024 and beyond. With a focus on creating inclusive and purpose-driven spaces, this panel, hosted by Paul Woodford, Strategic Engagement Director at Alliance Leisure, will challenge industry norms by urging a comprehensive approach that caters to both novice gym-goers and seasoned trainers. From innovative layout concepts to incorporating cutting-edge technologies, the discussion aims to redefine gym spaces to be versatile, motivating, and aligned with the fitness fundamentals that drive customer engagement. Join us as we inspire the fitness sector to revolutionise its approach, ensuring that gyms become not just spaces for exercise, but thriving communities that empower individuals on their wellness journeys and encourage sustained commitment.


Paul Woodford

Strategic Engagement Director

Alliance Leisure

Paul Woodford is one of the leisure sectors top consultants, proven in Brand Development, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service Excellence. Paul has over 25 years leisure and hospitality experience. As a trainer and mentor Paul is known as one of the leisure sectors most motivating and impactful trainers, initiating positive change in all he works with.

Alan Davidson

Head of Sales

Jigsaw Fitness

Alan Davidson uses his experience in the fitness industry to craft exceptional gym spaces. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with leading operators, contributing to the design, layout, equipment, and technological aspects of top-class facilities.

At Jigsaw, Alan takes a unique approach to gym design. Jigsaw's proposition lies in bold, bespoke solutions with UK-based manufacturing allowing them to craft highly customized training spaces.

Nichola McLachan

Health and Fitness Development Manager

North Lanarkshire Council

Having worked within the fitness industry for the past 15 years from gym floor to multi-site management I have been awarded the fortunate opportunity to have a key insight into how to create diverse and creative gym floor spaces to attract and engage members across both private and public sector.

Utilising experience and passion for gym floor delivery has helped steer North Lanarkshire to build and sustain a successful fitness membership of over 30,000 members. Creating key partnerships within education and the wider Scottish Leisure Network to push for change and diversity in the sector.

Working latterly within the public sector for the past 8 years has demanded more diverse thinking throughout gym refurbishments in order to ensure that North Lanarkshire facilities can cater to divergent member groups and ensure that local health initiatives are met ,also allowing for reflective practice on what has worked and what has not.

Chris Scragg

Director of Operating Model

Nuffield Health

Chris is a Director at Nuffield Health, with a profound mission to seamlessly merge healthcare, wellbeing, and fitness on a grand scale, and is the driving force behind transformative initiatives that shape the future of holistic care.

With three decades of expertise, Chris's career traverses the realms of professional strength conditioning, rehabilitation, operations, business development, innovation, and strategy. At the heart of his current endeavors lies a fervent dedication to crafting future-proof business and operating models to pave the way for the creation of next-generation health ecosystems, seamlessly integrating connected care into the fabric of society.

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Chris is a passionate advocate for knowledge dissemination and shares his insights with the next generation of business leaders through talks, on ecosystems and pipeline/platform business models, to pre-graduate MBA students at UCL.

In his spare time, Chris will be found with his wife and 4 children, coaching their football teams, training in the gym and being a taxi to his 4 children.

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