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United Kingdom - June 2025

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8 tips to keep your face to face charity fundraiser job interesting

8 tips to keep your face to face charity fundraiser job interesting

In the world of charity fundraising, maintaining a vibrant and engaged work force is essential for the success of any organisation. Lack of motivation, a sense of repetition and not feeling appreciated can dampen the enthusiasm of team members, making it difficult to achieve fundraising goals. The good news is that by implementing certain strategies, both individuals and organisations can keep the flames of excitement and interest burning brightly. In this blog we take a look at some of the aspects face to face fundraisers can try to keep their charity fundraising job interesting in the long run. See if you’re doing any of these things and comment below about how they help.

How to keep the spark alive and infuse excitement into Charity Fundraising Jobs

Foster a sense of purpose

Working for a charity inherently connects individuals to a greater cause, a sense of purpose beyond personal gain.

By continually reminding ourselves and our teams of the impact our work has on those in need, we can invoke a powerful motivation to push boundaries. Fundraisers should be encouraged to regularly engage with their charity’s beneficiaries for renewed sense of purpose.

Charity organisations and fundraising agencies should arrange visits to the communities being served by the charitable donations. This is a clear way to reignite the passion for making a difference in the world.

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Decide to stay relevant

One thing we can pretty much guarantee is that the world is constantly changing and evolving. Trends, habits, economies and culture has to adapt - and so do fundraisers!

Make a point of being open to learning new approaches and ways of doing things. Be in the know about current affairs and absorb social attitudes.

Although this takes effort and time, it’s well worth ensuring you’re staying up to date and moving with the times. Always use appropriate language and behaviours where needed and be consistent in your core messaging - you’re there to ask for help because you need to be and that’s admirable.

Maintain autonomy and creativity

To combat this, charity fundraisers should always seek to infuse their own unique style and creativity into their work.

Charities and fundraising agencies should encourage fundraisers to feel empowered to come up with fresh and innovative ideas, allowing them to take ownership of their role.

Granting people autonomy within a structured framework of the code of fundraising practice provides a sense of pride and fosters a drive to achieve exceptional results.

Work out your target audience

This is a tricky one because almost anyone can become a donor for charity.

What you can do as a face to face fundraiser is recognise and remember that everyone thinks differently and there are lots of reasons to donate to charity.

Your job is to identify what that reason could be for the potential sponsor you’re talking to!

Identify how your audience feels about a charity; and try to work out what might motivate them.

One way to do this is to ask very specific questions to figure out what type of donor they are - so what they connect with and the reasons they might give.

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Work out how to be more efficient

There will be things we all do in our working life that just isn’t using your time in the best way.

Take a good look at your routines and habits and establish where you might be able to do things more efficiently. This could include

  • How you could save time on preparing for your day, travelling to the venue or where you have lunch
  • Looking at the shifts you’re working and seeing whether other times might be better
  • Seeing if you can identify people who aren’t going to donate and spending less time with them
  • Ask others about their top tips or ways of doing things to see if you've thought of everything

Although it’s good to evolve and tweak, stay true to yourself. Don’t discard old tactics entirely because there will be lots of things you’re doing that are getting the desired results. While keeping your ear to the ground and your eyes open to being more efficient be sure to retain the stuff that works.

Embrace collaboration and teamwork

Collaboration works and creating a supportive and encouraging environment sustains interest in charity fundraising jobs.

Team mates can encourage each others successes, rely on each other for tough days and share ideas to improve things. Cross-department collaboration keeps the energy flowing throughout the business.

Fundraisers should look to connect with others with phone calls, group chats and brainstorming sessions and team-building activities led by team leaders. Looking at work life as an opportunity to problem-solve together not only enhance engagement but also foster a sense of camaraderie and support.

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Be open to continuous learning

Learning is a solid way to keep anything engaging and fresh and fundraising is no different. We should all ,try to discover new things we didn’t know before.

Read blogs, listen to podcasts, research on the web, talk to fundraisers who are doing well and watch videos to do everything you can to expand the knowledge and skills of charity fundraisers.

Equipping individuals with the tools they need to excel not only keeps the job interesting but also increases the likelihood of success.

Here at Charity Link, we offer a unique 12 week training academy which involves initial

Employers should try to provide opportunities for career development and promotion, as well as mentorship programs so as to provide opportunities for growth and additional motivation. Ongoing personal and professional development is vital to staying engaged in any job.

Celebrate achievements and milestones

Recognising and celebrating the achievements, milestones, and impact made by the charity can reinvigorate the passion among fundraising teams. Acknowledging their hard work and dedication boosts morale and creates a sense of purpose and worth at work.

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