Water Babies

Stand Q76

Water Babies is the world’s largest baby swimming school; teaching 52,000 babies every week the lifesaving skill of learning how to swim and building water confidence. The business welcomes all children below the age of 6 the opportunity to learn a skill for life, with a programme taught by the best-trained baby swimming teachers in the world. The programme specialises in teaching babies under the age of 1, with the youngest water baby being just one day old! Alongside baby swimming lessons, Water Babies has its famous underwater photography offering, where their photographers take over 250,000 shots a year. And the retail department, which sells award-winning children’s swimwear and toys. Currently Water Babies swims in 5 countries – the UK, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, China, and launching in Germany in 2022. Placed at number 16 in Elite Franchise’s Top 100 UK franchise businesses for 2022, the vision for the entire business is to give children the best start in life, and everyone collaborates together to achieve this. Whether this is in the pool during lessons, or developing the Water Babies Community Interest Company, Children’s Alliance

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