TensCare Ltd

Stand C23

TensCare is a UK based Employee Owned company with over 28 years of expertise creating the world’s best TENS, EMS and IFT devices. Our ethos is centred around caring, cooperation and understanding, and it is our mission to make the world a better place with our products. We uphold this by creating devices that improve the lives of not just the people who use them, but those around them that also reap the benefits of their loved ones being happier and healthier.

We offer award winning, clinically proven and affordable devices for labour, pain relief, beauty, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, fitness, rehabilitation and more, meaning our products are accessible to all who wish to use them. We pride ourselves on fantastic quality devices coupled with outstanding customer service to create the best user experience possible. Often described as “magic” and “lifechanging”, few people are aware of the incredible benefits of electrotherapy, and TensCare is here to change that.

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