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Quoox exists to serve the specific needs of small group personal training gyms and similar service-focused facilities, enabling its customers in the UK, US, and Ireland to grow their businesses – without blowing up their costs.

Quoox Ultimate is the company’s flagship gym management solution, designed to replace the sizeable IT stack that most gyms find themselves saddled with. Often this costs far more than they should yet still doesn’t address the business needs. Quoox Ultimate is a single, turn-key solution that spans the entire lifecycle of the member all the way from lead generation.

Architected on the world-renowned, high-reliability Microsoft Azure platform, Quoox Ultimate has quickly proven itself as a solid, trustworthy platform through which thousands of members access their wellness products and book their sessions. Most Quoox customers save time and money by switching to Quoox Ultimate and almost universally see an increase in member engagement and renewals.

Alchemy is a valuable additional, business support service provided by Quoox. With Quoox Ultimate at its core, Alchemy provides a wealth of resources tailored to your business for you to increase your turnover, attract new members, and maintain a high renewal rate. Unlike most “one size fits all” business services, the Quoox Alchemy teamwork with your business, understanding your specific business needs and working to serve them.

Both Quoox Ultimate and Quoox Alchemy have been developed specifically for small-group training facilities from decades of experience within the market. Visit our stand at Elevate ’23 to see how Quoox could help your small group training gym or facility.

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