Outdoor Fitness Concepts

Stand M10

Outdoor Fitness Concepts has the largest selection of innovative, intuitive, familiar and progressive commercial outdoor fitness equipment in the UK. Easy to use and suitable for all ability levels for those aged 14 and above, our equipment is designed to stand up to harsh outdoor environments and more aligned to equipment found in indoor facilities. We can design, build and install the equipment and training spaces for any outdoor gym. Our unique multi-use outdoor fitness Training Parks® are designed for all year, all weather and 24-7 operation and fit for any public, commercial or corporate outdoor space. Both the founder and CEO, Steve Perrins and Sales Director, Rob Thurston both have over 30 years-experience within Fitness. Steve is a former International Sales Director at Cybex International, Indigo Fitness and AquaPhysical and Rob the is the former Country manager for Cybex International, InBody UK and Jordan Fitness.

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