Orbit Float Limited

Stand B10

The team behind the Orbit Float have been in the industry for over 15 years. The Orbit is the next generation of Float Pod. Medically proven float therapy offers users the ability to relax and reset the mind in an enjoyable and benign way.

An hour in a float tank has been described as “ Feeling as though you have had the best 10 hours sleep of your life”

Float therapy is proven to improve sleep, help with visualisation, speed recovery from injury and improve the quality of life for users with certain critical illness conditions. Manufactured in the UK the Orbit Float System has already been sold in 10 countries. It is designed for ease of operation requiring little training of staff, it is easy to clean, is designed to be ultra-reliable and is a low energy unit.

Unlike conventional Float tanks the patented Orbit system filters and UV sterilises ALL the solution between every user not just part of it.

Demand is growing with suitable installations in dedicated Float centres, Spa’s, Gyms, Wellness and Health centres, Professional Sport teams, Luxury homes, Corporate (occupational health) installations, Medical Centres (both conventional and alternative). Luxury Hotels.

Offering a high Return on Investment and the ability to generate large margins from sessions and memberships. Float tanks offer good franchise opportunities as well as independent installations.

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