Stand E41

At MyoMaster our aim is to support the recovery of athletes everywhere, making the best in sports recovery available to everyone, whatever their goal. MyoMaster was founded by professional athletes who truly understand the difference effective recovery makes to performance and injury prevention.

We have developed a full range of recovery equipment, including the MyoBlaster - a handheld percussive massager, the MyoPump - a leg recovery system that decreases lactic acid and increases blood flow and the MyoPulse a 3in1 muscle simulator designed to reduce muscle wastage and help muscle reinforcement.

The team behind our products includes a number of professional athletes, leading physiotherapists, coaches and strength & conditioners who all use their personal knowledge and experience to create the leading products on the market at affordable prices.

And MyoMaster is about more than just excellent products, our website is also knowledge hub providing the information athletes need to recover efficiently, prevent injury and train to the limit. Check out our video tutorials for advice and routines to support your recovery.

You can find us at stand D20 at Elevate, we can't wait to see you there.

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