miha bodytec

Stand G40

miha bodytec is the premium manufacturer who placed EMS training (or whole-body electrostimulation) successfully in the fitness market. The operation is revolutionary: agonist and antagonist, as well as the deeper muscles are stimulated simultaneously by electrical impulses. As a result, specific muscle groups as well as the entire body can be trained gently and effectively.

Whether in the so-called micro-studios, with a mobile coach or as a shop-in-shop concept in the traditional gym: The EMS market is booming in Germany. The increasing number of people who benefit from EMS training is facing a total of 1,700 EMS-providers. Around 190,000 people use it not only for medical purposes or for preparing for sports competitions, but as their personal and very efficient fitness training.

miha bodytec is offering every commercial EMS provider a comprehensive service package that allows them to successfully position themselves in the market. With a sales structure of more than 30 countries and an export share of around 50% of the sales volume, the bavarian headquater in Gersthofen serves as a worldwide export center for equipment and accessories. Due to the international spread of EMS training and on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary, miha bodytec has opened a wholly-owned London based subsidiary in the United Kingdom in 2017.

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