K-Laser UK

Stand C25

K-Laser is the global leader in therapeutic lasers for rehabilitation, wound healing and pain management, used in 50 countries worldwide. The culmination of 30 years of R&D into Laser technologies, it provides safe and rapid treatments delivered in short protocols to stimulate biological tissues.

K-Laser Therapy stimulates the body’s own reparative processes whilst providing an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. This results in accelerated, good quality, post-injury healing, reduced localised or central pain management, improving your clinical results and patient’s satisfaction.

K-Laser Therapy is a scientifically proven, non-invasive treatment option suitable for all patients. An integrative therapy to use in conjunction with standard techniques or as a stand-alone therapy, expanding your treatment options.

K-Laser UK offers CPD courses and lectures to educate medical practitioners and manual therapists of the clinical benefits and large array of applications. Through extensive training and clinical assistance K-Laser UK ensures that each clinic adopting K-Laser therapy is given the best possible knowledge in practical use, clinical competence and marketing promotion of the new service provided to their patients.

Visit our website to learn more about K-Laser Therapy by exploring clinical and scientific studies, therapeutic application and technical features.

K-Laser Therapy differentiates your clinic from the competition, increases referrals and generates new profit.

Request a demo or a free trial by writing to info@klaseruk.co.uk.

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