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Stand F35

EMS is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. The impulses are generated by a devise and delivered through electrodes to the skin surface above the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, so the result is similar to the actual movement and regular contractions of the muscles.

EMS Training can be used for muscle conditioning and strengthening of muscles, the perfect combination of cardio and body strengthening. It is truly the training methods of the 21st Century.

Benefits of Electrotherapy include:

• Pain relief • Relief to the joints in arthritis • Deep muscle strengthening • Osteoporosis prevention • Incontinence prevention • Activation of the metabolism/fat reduction • Improves blood circulation • Intermuscular coordination/prevention of falling • Pre- and postoperative treatment • Increased performance in sports/sports-specific muscle skill development • Intramuscular coordination/muscle building • Correct muscular imbalances • Improve speed and maximum strength production • Skin and connective tissue tightening • Relieving muscle tension • Injury prevention

Installation Options/Requirements-ranges from 16-48sqm minimum dependant on numbers and clients can range from 4+

Cryosense Cabin-has unique points over other cryosauna cabins, such as:

  • Contrasting Heat and Cold (the only one of its kind)
  • Temperatures range from +80-mius -196 C
  • 3 entry levels of nitrogen
  • 8 program levels, to suit all individual requirements
  • Extremely low running costs-an average of just 6.5L

As well as many more beneficial safety and design features for clients.

It is recommended to have a dedicated room for the Cryosense Cabin.

• A surface area of 12-15 m2 is recommended • The liquid nitrogen tank can be situated next to the cabin or to the outside of an external wall • Room temperature between 15-35 degrees, humidity less than 65%

Technical Requirements

• Power supply: 240v, 16A fuse • Ventilation to an external wall or through the ceiling • 15mm nitrogen piping with flexible hose is attached to the cabin • 1 oxygen sensor • Remote maintenance with software alerts and updates, internet socket and access required

Technical Information

• Power 1.5kw • Width: 950mm • Depth: 1820mm • Height: 2300mm • Average standby liquid nitrogen used is zero • Average cooling down liquid nitrogen used is zero • Average liquid nitrogen used for one treatment 5.5L • Session temperature : +80 to -196 degrees • 1st treatment cooling down time 70 seconds • Session time: 1-4 minutes

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