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Hydrohex is a Finnish company that offers a turnkey digitalization concept for all kinds of swimming pools. This could for example be public swimming halls, leisure centers, hotels and spas.

Hydrohex launched the virtual aqua fitness concept in Finland in 2018, and our services are already found in around 100 swimming pools in the home country. A new entry into the Swedish market was made in the fall of 2021 and since then roughly 25 swimming pools in Sweden have implemented the service in their sites.

In addition to Finland and Sweden, Hydrohex has already attracted interest internationally, and in the past year the company has gained a foothold in, for example, the UK. During the summer, Hydrohex also released new product lines such as the virtual swimming school as well as the deep-water aqua fitness workouts, which has attracted a lot of interest.

The things Hydrohex can help UK pools with currently is for example the following:

  • Saving-and earning money
  • Reduce churned memberships
  • Increase members and reach out to completely new target audiences
  • Offer end-users much more workouts
  • Offer aqua fitness in pools without instructors
  • Great back-up in case of sick leaves
  • Etc.
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