United Kingdom - June 2024

United Kingdom - June 2024

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director.

Saudi Arabia - November 2024

Saudi Arabia - November 2024

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director

India - February 2025

India - February 2025

For further information on exhibiting contact Lucy Findlay, Event Director


Stand G33

HEMPE - Strong Natural Relief from Aches, Strains and Dry Skin - Visit Us To Try a Free Sample At Stand G33!


At the same time, there is a huge increase in demand from consumers looking for natural alternatives that alleviate the need for applying damaging active ingredients in the search for relief. HEMPE is a strong natural solution on the UK market…and it comes from a local company based in Dorset.

HEMPE products take the very best natural ingredients for relief - Clove Leaf Oil, Cypress Oil, Laurel Leaf Oil. Eucalyptus, Mentha Arvensis, Lavender & Pinus Sylvestrus and combines them with CBD during a rigorous formulation process. The result is four powerful topical products aimed to alleviate aches, pains and dry skin – HEMPE Hot Muscle & Joint Gel, HEMPE Ice Muscle & Joint Gel, HEMPE SOS Balm and HEMPE Firming & Toning Gel.

Why are HEMPE products so powerful? A team of very experienced scientists and formulators plugged HEMPE into the heart of a research platform that started investigating the healing properties of CBD in the 50’s. All of the best possible natural ingredients including CBD were tested in different combinations and quantities using sophisticated robotic arm testing. The unique combination that affected the inflammation assays the most was chosen as the formula.

This rigorous scientific process has translated into natural products that people adore! On Trustpilot, 99% of consumers have given the products five stars. Three all-time greats in their respective disciplines are brand ambassadors just because of their love for the products – IFBB legend Flex Wheeler, 4 x World’s Strongest Man, Magnús Ver Magnússon and UFC Triple Champ, Dan “The Beast” Severn. Women’s empowerment guru Lynne Franks OBE is also brand ambassador and fan. At trade fairs and press events, people are enthusiastically recording video testimonials to express how HEMPE products have helped their lives.

These products really do work! Give them a try. HEMPE Helps.

Visit us at Elevate at stand G33 or book an appointment by sending us an email on ross@hir.global.


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