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Footscan provides accurate 2D and 3D analysis of static, balance and dynamic measurements, with the highest recording speed available. This allows the clinician to see greater detail and conduct a more reliable gait, balance and postural analysis.

Key benefits of Footscan:

• Identification of gait/movement abnormalities and asymmetries

• Ability to see areas of high pressure loading

• Outcome measures: Pre/post intervention, orthotic or treatment differences can be compared

• Balance protocol for measuring functional movements, postural sway and foot stability

• Instant reports save clinical time and give clear, concise visual feedback to patients

• Extremely robust portable system with an extended 5 year warranty

• Fantastic return on investment via prescription of Phits insoles

Phits are the world’s first 3D printed orthotics based on dynamic gait analysis. The Phits design module is integrated within the Footscan software. It accurately assesses a patient’s gait, identifies risk areas and predicts various prescriptive orthotic parameters based on how that individual walks. This is based on a scientifically proven foot model and is extremely helpful for clinicians, particularly those with less confidence prescribing orthotics.

No paperwork, stock holding, foam impression box or casting required; just an intuitive step-by-step digital process. Once complete, this is sent directly from the software to Materialise where the orthotics are 3D printed and sent to your clinic in 10 working days with your patient’s name 3D printed on the heel for that unique personal touch.

Phits are proven to be the most accurate devices available with 0.1mm of accuracy and over 8 million corrective measurement combinations. There are a range of top cover options available, including 3 styles of D3O; the world leading impact protection material.

Optimal efficiency, superior stability and extreme durability, Phits has revolutionised traditional methods, providing a more trusted device than ever before.

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