Elite Closing Academy

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Matthew Elwell and Nick James co-founded the Elite Closing Academy in August 2018, a place for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Teams to dramatically increase their sales without coming across as pushy or manipulative.

We offer professional accredited (IAPC&M) sales and closing training, coaching and mentoring packages to sales teams and individuals all around the world.

Every single month, our members get training, development and coaching on how to serve, sell and close at an Elite level.

Our trainings include:

1) The Sales Accelerator

The fully Accredited Level 3 Sales Accelerator is a free 1-day intensive designed to give you the fundamental skills required to start closing more of your prospects than your current approach allows.

2) 3 Day Sales Training

On the Level 4 Accredited 3-Day Sales Training, I teach my philosophy of serving, selling and closing. It's a perfect mixture of theory & practice and is all about giving you a structure and process to take a prospect from cold to sold in the most effective way.

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