Stand F14

Corner Boxing Trackers - Want to improve your boxing and get fitter? Look no further.
In the world of boxing, every punch counts: Corner's tracking technology makes it so you never miss one.

With our innovative technology: you can track your speed, power, total punches, intensity, and your top combinations in real time.

We want you to get the most out of each session, so we've made the set-up as seamless as possible. You can connect your Corner trackers to the app via Bluetooth within seconds. Slip them into the Corner wristbands provided or your own hand wraps and you're all set.
Our live data is made to be of optimal visibility with large widgets: you can see your data anywhere in the gym. When using the hands-free feature, you can use simple hand gestures to navigate around the live screen, without going through the trouble of removing your gloves.
See what types of punches you have thrown each round: we break them down into straights, hooks an uppercuts. We also tell you your top combinations. The sole purpose of our technology is to help you stay motivated in your training sessions!

With Corner, you can dive in deep and review all of your workout data round by round. You can watch your progression from week to week, and set yourself personal goals for speed, power, workout hours and punch count.

Want to take it further? You can now subscribe to our growing boxing community to receive the full Corner experience. Our subscription offers users unlimited access to our range of on-demand classes: with a wide range of intensities and skill levels to suit anyone from beginner to expert.

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