Stand M22

The Core Master is the first fitness product that works the outer, middle and deep inner core muscles…. all at once.

Due to the engineered registered design of the Core Master, it works better than anything similar on the market.

With over 100 different exercise variations, Core Master is suitable for all levels, from complete beginner to elite athlete.

The Core Master is a balance board with a centrally located ball which allows the user to roll, tilt and rotate the deck and plank whilst balancing and moving simultaneously through a library of traditional and exclusive exercises.

Most exercises can be done in full plank or kneeling plank position

There are 3 different grip positions: with handles, without handles and dome

Planking works the middle core TVA (Transverse Abdominis), also muscles in the back, glutes, legs and arms.

Balancing whilst planking on the Core Master also works the deepest core muscles in and around the spine. This will increase the user’s spinal strength and stability.

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