LimbO Waterproof Protectors

Stand D28

Have you been asked by a patient or client how to keep their dressing or cast dry in the shower?

The LimbO Waterproof Protector helps patients to bath or shower with confidence when needing to keep their dressings, plaster casts or PICC lines dry.

The LimbO is safe and easy for the patient to use with a flexible neoprene seal. This design is non-constrictive, comfortable and provides an effective waterproof seal. Made with a reinforced pvc sleeve, the LimbO is very strong and guaranteed to last at least twelve weeks.

We have a full range of adult and child models, all available to purchase from our website, telephone team or Amazon. Elbow, foot and lower leg LimbOs are available on FP10 prescription. Or why not stock LimbOs in your clinic?

We look forward to meeting you at ELEVATE to help with further information.

T: + 44 (0) 1243 573417


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