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Darren Lee, CEO, originally devised the concept for CicloZone while cleaning the indoor cycle of his Andalucian gym on a red hot summer evening in 2006 after an intense night of oversubscribed classes. The concept married the physiological and biomechanical training that he had employed during his career as an elite road cyclist in spain with the enjoyment and community of beat led, Rhythm based indoor ‘spin’ classes. Unfortunately, at the time, neither indoor cycle studio technology nor opportunity were present to fulfil the potential of this concept. However, roll forward to the spring of 2020 when the new power bluetooth technology of indoor cycle bike manufacturers and the knowledge of the industry granted to Darren during his 7 years as training and Development manager for Keiser meant that when the opportunity appeared during the lockdown adversity of the Covid Pandemic then CicloZone was ready to be created.

Ciclozone is a concept taking all the technicalities and data driven calculations from your ride and accumulating it all in a unique Ciclozone Output Level (COL%) value. The classes are professionally profiled to achieve optimum physical training but in a Rhythm based traditional ‘Spin’ style. Every interval has its own Col% value and the rider is challenged to ‘Beat the Class’ by matching the class COL% with there own %. At the end of the class the rider is given a comprehensive post ride analytic page outlining their results and advising on next session choice.

Ciclozone sits directly in the middle of what is a very exciting industry with all the fun and enjoyment of a Peloton session with the training principle and data feedback of Zwift. The CicloStudio project allows anyone, on any type of bike, no matter how they like to ride, to enjoy the thrill of a great group cycling experience. Group Virtual, Group LIVE instructor led and Group FTP sessions all connected but all Beat driven Rhythm based to achieve the high enjoyment levels only seen in group cycling therefore allowing avid cyclists and the ‘soul’ cyclists to enjoy the same class riding side by side.

Massive development already on its way to add even more dimensions to this incredibly exciting project that is already being used in multiple sites with amazing reviews all over the UK and Europe.

Join the cycling revolution today.....!!!

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