Athleticum® Fitness & Spinning®

Stand E22a

Athleticum® was born for the need to support equipment based group training, education and events in the UK and Ireland with quality training and inspiring dynamic presenters.
We are now proud to distribute and install quality commercial and home training products and support this with quality group education provision.
We help our clients design a unique fitness offering as well as work with a range of partners to create a full service facility.

Our brands that we offer in the UK and Ireland:
- The Spinning® Brand
- AntiGravity® Fitness
- GUN-eX® Training
- CrossCore® - Rotational Movement Training
- 4DPro® Bungee Trainer- Bookyway® Booking App

We also offer fitness online courses on our A-Online Platform to boost learning options for fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike. Enabling truly experiential education for instructors and fans alike, Athleticum® is the event organiser for official Spinning® events in the UK and Ireland including PROS Spinning® and Fitness Conference, Tribe Ireland and Tribe Scotland, and will work hand in hand with any approved Spinning® events and charity rides.
Our courses offered are endorsed by PD Approvals and Ireland REPS. We are also a UKActive Member and CIMSPA Training Provider Partner.

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