Affinity Therapy Equipment

Stand D25

Owned by Certikin International Ltd, UK leading manufacturer and innovator in the wet leisure industry, Affinity brand is synonymous with premium quality.

Affinity couches have evolved from a real understanding of what you, as therapists/practitioners, want and more importantly, your expectations of a leading manufacturer. We are immensely proud of our reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and unquestionable value, and our understanding of your needs and our ability to deliver products that are fit for purpose is what sets us apart.

Years of development and research into materials, design and technology, have created a superb range of equipment suitable for all types of treatments in sports clubs, gyms, hospitals, clinics, spas, holistic centres, hospices, salons and all manner of other treatment locations.

With comfort and wellbeing of client/patient a prime consideration, our ergonomic designs are also engineered to ensure therapist comfort, with many innovative ideas for close work and posture support. We know that a comfortable therapist will always give a better treatment!

A selection of couches and a very warm welcome awaits on stand C78.

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