Award category: ​Best Start-Up

This Innovative Award entry has been submitted by Elevate exhibitor:

Smartlife have developed discreet and affordable body-worn sensor technology that has the potential to revolutionise the sport industry.  Unlike many of our competitors, the fully wireless technology, comprising textile sensors and a compact electronic ‘brain’, can be integrated comfortably and invisibly into clothing, bringing lab-quality performance data and analytics into the field.    Our patented softsensors detect the body’s biophysical signals (e.g. ECG, respiration, EMG).  They are 100% textile and washable.  The compact and lightweight (15g) electronic brain features medical-grade components for processing biophysical signals, a 6-axis accelerometer for detecting movement, and Bluetooth LE technology.  Advanced algorithms process the raw signals into meaningful information, delivering actionable insight to users in real time via mobile apps.  The technology is capable of measuring:  

• Heart Rate & Heart Rate Variability 

• Breathing Rate, Breathing State (in/out/held), & Lung Flow Volume   

• Steps, Cadence, & other Gait Parameters  

These measures, along with cutting edge research in partnership with leading academics, contribute to a library of actionable insight including: 

• Aerobic Fitness 

• Cardio Age 

• Energy Expenditure 

• Training Intensity 

• Training Load 

• Fatigue 

• Running Economy 

• Breathing Rhythm  

Smartlife’s innovative connector design requires no press studs or snaps, keeping garments free from solid metal or plastic components. The waterproof brain can be paired with any compatible app, sports watch, or gym equipment and is upgradeable over the air so users always have access to the latest developments. We are proud to be based in Manchester, the beating heart of the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution. 

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