Poolview Plus

Award category: Best Facility Innovation

This Innovative Award entry has been submitted by Elevate exhibitor: Poolview Limited

We installed our very first Poolview Plus, the worlds only interactive Drowning Detection System for Lifeguard on 4th January 2018 in Sheffield UK.

Blended Lifeguarding is a technique which combines the traditional 10:20 scanning methods of pool supervision, safety and rescue with a technology driven drowning detection and prevention system. This creates a working practice which harmonises the best capabilities of each to produce a safer swimming environment for all.

Poolview Plus relies upon interaction with the Lifeguard with the aim of preventing an incident developing by alerting the Lifeguards of developing incidents as they arise.

Two levels of alert occur, yellow and red, before finally going into full automatic mode if the Lifeguard for whatever reason misses everything.

All other systems in the world only alarm when a victim is stationary on the bottom - Poolview Plus intervenes and alerts a Lifeguard when a person is within the danger zone after only 5 seconds thus drawing the Lifeguards attention to possible danger and allowing them to make an assessment and either acknowledge and cancel the alert OR activate a full alarm themselves. They remain in control

Our 8 image Lifeguard Monitor has the worlds first "Real Pool View" where the Lifeguard can track and follow swimmers deep end to shallow end on the top and bottom rows.

Poolview Plus is changing the face of how we Lifeguard pools in the UK. In 2018 we installed 35 systems and in 2019 have orders in for a further 50.

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