Kinetic Insight Pro

Award category: ​Best Health and Wellness Innovation

This Innovative Award entry has been submitted by Elevate exhibitor:

Kinetic Insight Pro is a revolutionary solution that has been specifically designed to allow deliverers of sport and physical activity programmes to meticulously manage, monitor and evidence every element of the programmes that they deliver, whilst capturing participation data in a manner that is fast, simple, and not intrusive to session delivery. Managing sport and physical activity programmes is a difficult task that poses significant challenges for organisations of any size. The Kinetic Insight Pro Web Portal was developed to alleviate these challenges and empower programme administrators by allowing them to control and oversee every aspect of service delivery via a simple and intuitive online interface. The Kinetic Insight Pro App provides a data collection tool that utilises contactless technology to collect data in a manner that is fast, simple to understand, and doesn’t impact on the delivery of the session. All participants are provided with a unique NFC membership card or key fob that allows them to arrive at any physical activity session and simply touch the card or fob onto a tablet computer to register their attendance. Kinetic Insight Pro is currently being used by Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Dundee City Councils.  Achievements include: delivering over 700 weekly activity sessions, managing over 80,000 member demographic profiles, capturing over 658,000 instances of participation that are all linked to member demographic profiles, selected by Birmingham City Council capture all of their participation data for sessions that took place outside of a leisure centre for the Sport England Digital Pilot.

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