Desmotec-Pininfarina: Isoinertial Training System

Award category: ​Best Innovation for Human Performance

This Innovative Award entry has been submitted by Elevate exhibitor:

Desmotec a leading Italian company operating in the fields of isoinertial training, physical conditioning and rehabilitation was established on the basis of a long-lasting association between world-level trainers, professional athletes, doctors, physiotherapists and entrepreneurs who believe in the sector.

Desmotec is a combination of culture, design, technology and proprietary software, creating a unique training system, the DTS (Desmotec Training System).

The DTS was born by the collaboration among different experts. This continual R&D has allowed to develop an innovative training system that allows the creation of a personalized, progressive and controlled rehab or training path thanks to real-time feedback of sessions.

Desmotec devices are cutting-edge tools suited to muscular strengthening, toning and training purposes.

Alternating concentric/eccentric training programmes do not improve simply strength or power, but also elasticity and neuromotor movement control.

Desmotec gave life to products that are the quintessence of the Made in Italy excellence.


Team sports and individual sports both require high levels of muscular explosiveness, power and velocity.

Athletic training benefits greatly from a programme that has been optimised for these factors by means of movements borrowed from the practiced sport.


During eccentric work, a smaller number of motor units are involved, exerting greater strain on the muscular fibres than concentric contractions, creating very specific micro-adaptations inside the muscular tissue.

Therefore, eccentric muscular re-education is particularly appropriate in the specific functional re-education of post-trauma muscular mechanics. Our technologies can be used from the young guy till the elite athletes.

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