Award category: Best Participation Innovation

This Innovative Award entry has been submitted by Elevate exhibitor:

Every year, millions of people around the world make the decision to join a gym and get in shape. Unfortunately, most of them stop showing up within a few weeks, and 50% cancel their membership before the year is out. Research shows that people who have a coach to guide them and hold them accountable are twice as likely to succeed in creating a long-lasting habit, but most can’t afford one. That's why we created CoachAi.

CoachAi is an AI companion that interacts with gym members via smartphone messaging and uses proven behavioral science to help them increase their activity level and achieve their goals. Imagine you have a gym buddy who is an expert in behavioral coaching, and whose entire existence is dedicated to your success. That's CoachAi!

For health clubs and leisure centers, CoachAi is a totally automated solution for increasing member retention. New members using CoachAi exercise 21% more often over their first 3 months and are 33% less likely to cancel their membership. Unlike other retention solutions, CoachAi doesn't require staff to do any extra work, and it keeps members engaged even when they're outside the club. CoachAi is the ultimate retention manager: on the clock 24/7, following up with each and every member, all for a fraction of the cost!

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