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Since the launch of the now iconic Wattbike Pro/Trainer in 2008, Wattbike has been at the forefront of indoor cycling technology. Developed in partnership with British Cycling, the Wattbike has now been embraced by elite athletes and teams across the globe. Wattbike is the choice of champions.

An obsession to improve performance led Wattbike to invent numerous new technologies to ensure Wattbike is the most accurate and realistic indoor bike ever created. Now adopted by premier health and fitness providers, personal trainers, and cycling studios, Wattbike is the only indoor bike to offer elite level training to the masses.

Through immersive cycling Zones, Wattbike have redefined indoor cycling by bringing small group training out on to the gym floor. Combining thought leading training methods with inspiring graphics and the gold standard of indoor bikes, this new genre of training is sweeping the world.

In 2017 Wattbike launched the Atom, the world's first smart bike, as well as bringing groundbreaking developments to pedalling technique monitoring with Pedalling Effectiveness Score.

In 2020, Wattbike will redefine indoor cycling even further with advancements in both equipment and software with our brand new commercial products - the Wattbike Icon and AtomX. In 2020, Smart Training will take on a whole new dimension.

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