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Ultra-WELL is launching in the UK at Elevate 2019. We combine the latest in medical technology with proven ancient healing systems to provide effective and long lasting therapy to a range of conditions such as : Sports Injury Recovery, Muscle Rehabilitation, Prevention of Atrophy, Back Pain therapy, Back Muscle strengthening, Treating & Preventing Pelvic Disorders such as incontinence, and exercise for the elderly or the frail. Our aim is to become a global leader in promoting health and wellness for all.

We are exclusive distribution partners in the UK and South Africa for StimaWELL Germany. At Elevate, we will be demonstrating the StimaWELL MTRS massage Mat and the StimaWELL EMS Trainer. Both devices are certified as medical devices in the EU and used in treating above mentioned conditions, however both can be used in a non-medical context for relaxation (Massage Mat) and high intensity physical training (EMS Trainer).

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