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TOTUM SPORT is the world’s most authentic hydration solution for all sports performers.

Totum Sport is the only product of its kind that replaces all 78 electrolytes and trace elements lost to dehydration, through a 100% natural solution.

Harvested underneath plankton blooms in the world’s oceans – the most mineral rich places on earth - the product concentrates on complete cellular health.

A fully hydrated body and mind are the only ways to insure optimised performance, something which only Totum Sport guarantees by focusing on the interdependency of electrolytes and elements. Totum Sport guarantees a reduction in cramp, maximum recovery, sustained focus and enhanced stamina.

The ‘Informed Sport’’ and ‘Informed Choice’ approved supplement is enjoying a growing presence across UK Sport, and it has been launched in the US, with China to follow.

Totum Sport is the Headline Partner for the Elite Sports Expo – come visit us at Stand D18.

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