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TensCare Ltd are an Employee Owned company that has evolved over the last 25 years to become Europe’s largest distributor of electro-therapy devices, namely TENS and EMS, worldwide.

We credit our success with our ability to develop and maintain a cutting-edge product portfolio, which continues to meet and exceed the expectations of the end user.

Our EMS and TENS machines provide muscle rehabilitation for post injury or trauma and in conditions including:

• muscle wastage ( neuromuscular facilitation; muscle reeducation; muscle training; prevention/slowing of atrophy/hypotrophy; preventing postoperative muscle weakness; reduction of spasticity; maintaining or increasing range of motion; training of partial peripheral nerve damage with signs of reinnervation; treatment of scoliosis)

• muscle relaxation (in order to loosen up muscular tension, improve muscular fatigue symptoms; accelerate muscle regeneration after high muscular performance).

For sports, the benefit is to increase the effect of training and enhance performance. Typical uses are: muscle training to improve endurance performance; muscle training to support the strengthening of certain muscles or muscle groups in order to achieve desired changes to body proportions; sports training, covering - warm-up, strength, speed, power, resistance, endurance and recovery; rehabilitation in relation to sports injury).