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Scootasoot is a brand new, registered design that fastens with magnets. A fun, bright, unique, all-in-one waterproof suit, with a hood designed specifically to fit over a helmet. The seams are taped, making it waterproof to 1 bar. Velcro is fitted at the wrists and ankles for a snug, comfortable fit. For safety's sake reflective tape is sewn the length of the side and the hood simply pops off if it should get caught on anything. There is a zip in the hood that accommodates the suit when not in use. Weighing less than 420g (equivalent to 3 apples!!) for the largest suit with accessories, it can sit virtually unnoticed in the bottom of your bag until it rains. It is durable yet incredibly lightweight.

Scootasoot can be worn over uniform or other clothes, designed specifically to keep you dry on the move without overheating. It can even be put on and taken off without having to remove both shoes!

Velcro is attached at manufacture allowing it to be accessorised with cute ears and tails. Available currently in bright red, electric blue and fluorescent yellow, then add ears and tails to be a bunny, piglet or cat!