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Rocket Impact is a tech start-up with a mission to create a positive impact on the world by specialising in Mobile Games for the Health and Fitness Industry.

We aim to enrich people’s lives by using the power of 'Gamification' to motivate the mass market, especially children and families, in leading active lifestyles via fun, visually engaging and social gaming experiences.

Our first product is called Afitar®, which uniquely combines elements of fitness running apps with an Action Puzzle game and is designed to encourage people to get active and healthier via a fun multiplayer experience.

Our future Roadmap includes Smartwatch versions and other products focusing on Nutrition, Mental Health and Sports.

We are looking to work with partners in the education, fitness and technology space who share our vision in using technology to drive wellbeing and can support us to bring fitness to over 2.3 billion gamers globally

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