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With Physiotools health professionals support their clients on their journey from preventive to rehabilitation exercising, both in a clinic, private practice and at home.

Physiotools is a web-based software that allows professionals, such as therapists or trainers, to create individual exercise programs and send them directly to their customers via mobile app or email. It is also possible to print and hand them out on the spot.

Our comprehensive exercise and patient education library has been created in cooperation with world renowned authors and publishers. We cover exercises from all major specialist fields. Depending on the content, instructions are available in up to 28 languages.

Physiotools, founded in 1987, has always strived to play a leading role in developing electronic and mobile solutions for the health sector and to increase both therapists’ efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Physiotools integrates with the Trainer family to offer a range of digital services for the whole patient journey from prehab to rehab. Bedside early rehab can thus be covered just as well as in-patient and out-patient exercising, remote exercising with a therapist through video connection or home training for the elderly using a TV screen.