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Matt Prior, the companies founder, spent over a decade playing cricket at the highest level and in the process consumed a whole host of sports and nutrition supplements.

In 2015 Matt set up the professional cycling team ONE PRO Cycling. The idea behind the team was to give the riders leading support in order to allow them to become the best they could be.

This included nutrition. Having used a number of brands there was nothing that stood out and the decision was made. If we want the very best, then we’ll create it ourselves!

With the help and expertise of nutritionist, Christine Bailey and a number of professional sportsmen and women, our products have been scientifically developed over two years ensuring no shortcuts have been taken and they lead the way in integrity, functionality and taste.

Our proposition is to develop premium, clean, sports nutrition made by professional athletes, using the best of science and nature.

The basic ideas behind our products are simple:

•Use premium ingredients

•Only put in what the body actually needs

•Develop clean and natural products

•Batch test all products to ensure quality and integrity

Come and meet the team on our stand to sample great tasting clean sports nutrition products.