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Octane Fitness will showcase a brand new type of cardio product at Elevate, giving the first opportunity for it to be seen and tried in the UK.

Also on display will be the HIIT training phenomenon – the Octane Fitness AirdyneX bike. With 26 fan blades, this full commercial bike offers incredible resistance.

The new MTX Max HIIT x-trainer has newly arrived and is the perfect partner for the AirdyneX.

The Octane machines are so obviously different to your main gym equipment provider, they offer a great way of adding something new, without the cost of a full refurbishment.

The LateralX brings a new dimension to cross-training and there’s also 10 variable width settings to add variety to all users.

The xRide ‘seated x-trainer’ is unique and very different and can be very easy for de-conditioned users. It can be used for lower body, upper body only or for total body workouts.

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